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The time-honored dependability of classic aluminum horizontal blinds makes them a perfect choice for versatility, function and value.  They feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains. Aluminum blinds are available in a variety of slat sizes so you can achieve the perfect style for your window.  Larger slats provide a clearer view.  You can also regulate the amount of light that enters your room with a choice of controls and for added privacy we offer router-less blinds and cloth tapes.



Similar to Vertical blinds, Panel Track blinds are a great solution for large windows and patio doors. Using a track system rather than clips, this blind system moves easily from side to side and stacks neatly when the blind is fully drawn.


A wide selection of colors and fabric styles coupled with wand or cord draw systems ensure a neat, tailored look with smooth and quiet operation.  Select several colors and add banding elements for a truly personalized touch.



Vertical Blinds add elegance and depth to your large windows and patio doors. 


Choose from a large collection of designer-inspired fabric blinds available with light-filtering or room-darkening louvers. Traditional vinyl vertical blinds are attractive as well as functional and durable.  They are available in crown or S-shaped louver styles for the look that’s right for you.



With their sophisticated style, Sheer Vertical Blinds are constructed with soft light- filtering fabric draped over opaque louvers. The sheer fabric lets in soft, filtered light when in the open position and provides privacy and room darkening when fully closed.


Wood Blinds are made from premium hardwoods. Choose from a variety of custom options to add function and decorative flair. A choice of slat sizes, decorative cloth ladders and multiple control options make wood blinds a ‘naturally’ great window covering choice that will provide years of beauty with minimal maintenance needs. Consider adding a decorative cornice top for a truly regal look.


Faux Wood Blinds are constructed with composite materials that offer the look of wood blinds at a more cost-effective price. The manufacturing process creates a durable material that is   moisture resistant, easy to clean and is a great choice for humid environments.

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