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Drapery window treatments are one of the most sought after window coverings today. Custom drapery allows us to create the perfect window fashion for your needs.  The variations in style, fabric and length, drapery window treatments can be easily adapted to fit any room or any interior design style.  


With a professional window coverings consultant you can turn any ordinary space into an extraordinary space simply by creating the right custom drapery treatment.  For the classic home with high ceilings and a formal style, drapery window treatments can be designed to highlight architectural details. With high ceilings, having drapery window treatments that flow from ceiling to floor, adds even more drama by accentuating the height of the room. Having your drapery window treatments "puddle" on the floor adds softness to the room without taking away from the elegant feel.

Soft Shades combine the up-scale look of a soft drapery with the convenient operation of a shade. Decorative and versatile, these style shades are a smart selection to add beauty and functionality to any room and are available in a wide variety of fabrics. We can also have the shades custom made using your fabric as well. Just let us know!


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