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In addition to the sale of custom made window treatments, AWCA also provides related services to the consumer and to the trade.


Measuring and Installation

For the consumer that wants to do it yourself, there are considerations regarding the measuring and installation process that we can assist you with. Whether a product can support being mounted inside or outside a window opening is specific to the product selection. Our experience can help you to make the product selection that best fits your expectations. If you want to use ‘ready-made’ or ‘made to order’ products, we can offer measuring and/or installation services at a reasonable fee to ensure the products you purchase will fit properly and operate as designed. If you choose to purchase from us directly, we will offer this service free of charge. Whether you purchase your blinds from us, a department store, internet or a garage sale we can install them for you! Drapery take-down and rehang service is also available.

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When it comes to ‘pre-made’ window coverings, the ‘out of the box’ concept can be a challenge when it comes to repairing damaged products. Although attractive from a cost perspective, the purchase of this type of blind or shade can mean that when something breaks, it cannot be repaired. Unfortunately, these products are meant to be discarded when they fail to operate properly. Previously made custom window coverings however, can be repaired provided they are in relatively good condition. They may have cost more, but custom made window coverings offer a better long term investment and they can generally be repaired as needed. Frayed cords or lift mechanisms can be replaced. For a gently worn shade or blind, thorough cleaning at the time of repair can add life to a blind or shade at a cost that can be much less than that of a new purchase. In some instances, we may be able to convert the product to other types of operation, such as cordless or motorized. It is worth noting that some repairs may require special parts or product modifications to complete the repair. These factors as well as availability will affect what it will cost to complete the repair. We offer repair services for most types of blinds. We can also service and repair motorized window treatments as well. If the circumstances dictate that the shade cannot be repaired on site, we will provide temporary paper shades for your privacy. The repair service includes taking down the shade, cutting and installing the paper shades and reinstallation of the repaired shade. We can schedule a ‘free’ evaluation of your window coverings to determine if a repair makes sense.   

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Recycle /Reuse Program

It has been our experience that many clients have window coverings that are in very good condition. In many cases, they simply desire a change and the existing window coverings that are being replaced are simply discarded. At times shades are being replaced to eliminate safety issues, such as those that exist when a shade cord hangs unsecured and creates a strangulation hazard for children and pets. We feel these situations create an opportunity to recycle the products and lengthen their useful life through resale or via donation to worthy causes after they have been refreshed. We will offer additional credits to orders placed for new shades that meet the criteria.

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