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Cellular shades are an attractive way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Their closed cell design forms air pockets that add an additional level of energy efficiency by insulating windows from heat and cold. A range of cell sizes, opacity levels and lift options make them a smart window covering choice. When raised, cellular shades stack tightly to allow for a clean, unobstructed view. Cellular shades can also help to reduce loud noise by absorbing the sound. 


This material can also be manufactured in a vertical profile to fit large windows and patio doors.

Natural Shades are manufactured from natural wood and woven materials. Also known as bamboo or woven wood shades, they fit all decorating styles and offer a natural beauty to your windows. The color variations of woven fabric and natural imperfections in the wood enhance the character of the shades. Adding a Privacy or Room Darkening liner ensures privacy and light control. Several lift options, valances and trims make Natural Shades an appropriate choice for any room in your house.

The crisp, evenly-spaced fabric folds of Pleated Shades offer more dimension and structure than traditional shades.  They are available in an assortment of materials with privacy and blackout liners available for added light control. A wide selection of colors and patterns as well as color coordinated hardware ensures a clean and aesthetic appearance.

Versatility defines this simple, sleek and practical choice. Durable and easy to care for, roller shades offer a simple solution to light and privacy control. Numerous fabric choices create a unique, traditional look and accent to any decor. Available in cordless or continuous chain control lift options. Embellish with trim and decorative pull to express your decorating style.





Sheer Shades combine the elements of blinds, shades and draperies into a single product. Light filtering or Room Darkening fabric vanes are suspended between a sheer front and back fabric. Several vane positioning combinations are available to control the amount of light control or privacy you desire. When closed, these shades help minimize the effects of UV rays that can damage your home furnishings. Coordinated hardware provides smooth, quiet and dependable operation. When fully raised, the shade is completely enclosed within a coordinating head rail. Available in various vane sizes and colors, Sheer Shades can be motorized for the ultimate in shade control. 

Want to block the sun but not the view?  Solar Shades are an ideal way to preserve the view to the outside while reducing the amount of heat transfer into a room. Designed to regulate heat and sunlight exposure, they absorb heat and block damaging Ultraviolet rays and protect valuable furnishings. This results in a cooler and more comfortable space. Solar shades are available in both light filtering and blackout materials and are suitable in residential and commercial environments.  They are available in a wide selection of fabrics and textures and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

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