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Arched, Skylight, Palladian, Solarium and other architectural styled windows, can in many cases be beautifully enhanced by operable window covering products. The shape of the window will determine the level of operability. In many cases, privacy and energy efficiency, as well as direct sunlight protection can be realized. We will work with you to find a suitable window treatment solution to your unique or architecturally challenging windows. Ones that will allow you to maintain the beauty they were created for!


Why Motorization


Today’s consumers are increasingly interested in using technology to streamline their daily tasks. Current technologies now make it possible to remotely control security systems, heating, cooling and lighting systems. Motorized operation is an available option for most types of window coverings as well and they can be integrated with several home automation systems. We encourage you to consider the advantages below and how the purchase of motorized window treatments may fit your needs.


Motorization makes it easier to operate hard-to-reach window coverings. Multiple window coverings can be controlled individually, all at once, or in combination with the simple touch of a button. Control options are available to suit a variety of personal choices. Used as a standalone or in combination with others, wall switches, remote controls, and timers are available to provide convenient control. Motorized window treatments offer several power options. The easy to install battery style operation low voltage requires no hard wiring and is the easiest to install. Hard wired low-voltage systems use a transformer and can be plugged directly in to a wall outlet or directed back to a multi-shade power source. Hardwire line voltage is also available to accommodate the power requirements that larger shades may require.

Motorized drapery track is also available.


Energy Efficiency

Motorized window treatments can be programmed to control interior heat gain, which can help lower heating and cooling bills. Seasonal optimization can be adjusted by setting the shades to raise and lower at various times of day.


Safety and Privacy

Consumers can use automatic timers to lower window coverings at night or while away from home, for added home security. Motorization also eliminates cords, which can be a safety hazard for small children and pets.



Motorization eliminates cords allowing the viewer to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of blinds or shades. The system is non-intrusive and offers smooth and quiet operation. For the tech savvy, wirelessly controlled window coverings are the latest trend in home automation.


Advanced Window Covering Associates partners with several manufacturers to offer digital printing on Solar Screen, Cellular and Roman style shades for both residential and commercial applications. Wide-Format, Digitally Printed Roller Shades offer high quality printing on solar screen shades. Large shade graphics can be easily created. White and light color shade fabrics are recommended to create the most colorful and dramatic effects.


If your business has something to say, digital printing on shades that face the building exterior is the perfect way for businesses to expand or enhance their corporate identity. There are endless design possibilities! Use a custom graphic on printed roller shades as a design element in a commercial application. Replace unsightly, traditional promotional posters and signage with a high quality retractable product that still allows view through even when fully closed. The energy efficiency of the solar fabric in combination with your printed corporate logo or message is a sensible and ‘all around’ smart decision.


Printed shades for residential applications allow you to personalize a particular space with a boundless number of options. Just about any graphic you provide...custom print patterns, painted art works and photographs can be used to uniquely personalize your space with a one-of-a kind window treatment. For kid’s rooms and play spaces, select your favorite professional sports team. Custom graphic shades are also a great way to complement existing design elements.


Individual panels are available for existing shades. They can be easily removed and re-secured as needed. Holiday themes and seasonal changes are just a few of the possibilities you can consider to personalize your living space. Printing can be done facing into the room or to the exterior side of the shade.


Your options with printed shades are limited by your imagination!  Ask us how we can help make it happen!

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